How to transfer domain to Hostinger?

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You have bought a hosting package here at Hostinger, but you already have a domain at another registrar? No worries!
The most convenient way to use your domain together with your hosting package would be to transfer it to Hostinger.
You would have everything in one place, plus it is easy!

First of all, you should know what is EPP code. You can read about it Here

In order to transfer your domain to Hostinger, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Get into your Hostinger cPanel and click on "Domains", then click on "Transfer Domain".


2. You will be taken to the following page: Hostinger Transfer Domain

3. Simply enter your domain name and click on "Transfer".


4. Proceed with the payment.
5. Enter EPP code and initiate the transfer.

Keep in mind that after the transfer, your domain will be renewed for 1 year! How awesome is that?

Once you finish the order, the transfer process will be initiated. You will receive an email to confirm your domain transfer. Confirm it and it will be done!

Before your domain can be transferred, make sure that:
1. You have a full ownership and control of the domain name that you want to transfer to us; 
2. The domain name must be older than 60 days and it should be unlocked at the current domain registration company;
3. The domain was not transferred between registrars within the last 60 days;
4. Privacy protection is disabled;
5. You have a valid EPP/Auth code for transfer from your current registrar.
6. Your domain is pointing to Hostinger.

How to get EPP code? 
Check our articles on transferring from: GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator

How can I transfer .CO.UK domain?
In order to transfer domains, you need to change your domains IPS tag.
You can do that by contacting your current domain registrar.
Please ask them to set your domain IPS tag to PDR-IN.


Having questions or troubles? You can always contact our Hostinger Customer Success Team. They will assist you with the transfer!