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I'm having trouble connecting to FTP, what should I do ?

تم التعديل في:
ftp filezilla econnrefused files directory listing login authentication failed

If you are encountering issues connecting to your FTP, make sure to:

  • Verify that you are using the correct FTP hostname. If you are failing to access your FTP by using the hostname (ftp.example.com), try using Your hosting account's IP address instead. Both your Hostname and IP can be found in your accounts FTP Access details page.
  • Make sure you are using correct username and password, double-check and make sure you did not add any spaces at the end or the beginning of the username by mistake.
  • Change your FTP password. Make sure not to use any special characters, you should only use lowercase and uppercase latin alphabet letters and numbers in the password.
  • Make sure to use port 21 when connecting to your FTP.

Additional resources that can help you with possible FTP issues:
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