Phalcon Hosting

Phalcon Hosting

Develop quick and responsive PHP applications on servers optimized for Phalcon framework
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  • 99.9% ضمان تشغيل
  • أداء بسرعة فائقة
  • دعم ممتاز
  • ضمان استعادة الأموال لمدة 30 يومًا
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Choose your Phalcon hosting plan

Single Phalcon Hosting

وفِّر 80%
$ 20
  • 1 موقع الكتروني
  • 1 بريد الكتروني
  • 100 GB كمية نقل البيانات

Premium Phalcon Hosting

وفِّر 80%
$ 15
  • عدد مواقع غير محدود
  • حسابات بريد إلكتروني غير محدودة
  • كمية نقل البيانات غير محدودة
  • نسخ احتياطية أسبوعية

Business Phalcon Hosting

وفِّر 76%
$ 75
  • جميع مميزات خطة ممتاز
  • نسخ احتياطية يومية
  • شهادة SSL مجانية

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  • discover
  • paypal
  • bitpay
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  • onecard
Features that make web development easier

Features that make web development easier

Phalcon hosting includes a custom control panel with all the essential tools to code like a pro. Don’t miss this opportunity. Making your web project succeed is our number one priority!

مدير الدخول

Share account access with developers without touching your personal details.

PHP Version Control

Manage PHP version, extensions, and limits directly from the control panel.

Git Integration

Set up your public Git repositories instantly and code with maximum efficiency!

Best Phalcon hosting experience guaranteed

Focus on coding while we handle all the rest! An in-house administrator team overlooks the well-being of all servers day and night. Uptime, speed, and reliability assured! And in case you need help, our passionate support agents are available 24/7.

Optimized Stack

Custom Apache and Nginx setup that provides the best of both worlds.

HTTP/2 Support

Fly even faster with the latest quality and performance updates.

مدير الكاش

Process more requests and use fewer resources in the same time frame.

ضمان استعادة الأموال لمدة 30 يومًا

إذا لم تكن راضيا بنسبة 100٪ عن Hostinger، فسنرجع لك المبلغ المدفوع. لا تعقيدات، لا خطر.
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Phalcon Hosting FAQ

Our answers to the most frequently asked Phalcon hosting inquiries.

Phalcon is the fastest PHP framework up to this day. Its incredible speed will leave every web developer in awe. The framework allows one to create flexible and lightning-fast websites or applications based on PHP. The biggest Phalcon difference compared to other frameworks is that it’s installed as a web server extension. This results in quicker executions times and a much more efficient resource utilization.

Phalcon hosting is a platform that empowers you to code and deploy Phalcon based applications easier. With the Phalcon extension pre-installed, you’ll have no need for any extra setup steps to get started. Start coding instantly! And with a set of essential tools provided by our custom control panel, success is just around the corner.

Stay protected from various threats that lurk on the web! To give you a reliable and safe environment, we implement a real-time WAF with custom firewall rules on every server. With a dedicated engineer team monitoring everything round the clock, you'll be able to focus all your effort on what matters most - coding!

We bundle in a lifetime SSL certificate with every annual Business Phalcon package. You can purchase the certificate separately too!

Track your resource usage easily with an inbuilt tool within your control panel. Check your hourly CPU, memory, I/O, entry process usage and more!